Harveet Singh

Camera: Nikon D7200

Lens: Nikkor 200 - 500mm

Aperture: F5.3

Shutter speed: 1/1250

ISO: 320

Description: Moments Like These

Story from behind the lens: We just arrived Ashnil in time for lunch and as we were having the welcome and tour near the river at the lunch deck I spotted something very rare, not the normal Hippos or bunch of fat Avacado looking things we always see in plenty but a Mummy and a Baby all alone and at this moment only one thing struck me, wheres my camera, I ignored the host and quickly ran for my camera bag, I came back and got this cute capture of a baby Hippo snuggling with mummy that was born just a week ago.

We later went for a game drive and spent 3 days here and never saw mummy and baby Hippo again, glad I did what I did when I did.