Vinayak Shankar

Camera: Nikon D850

Lens: VR 300 f/2.8 G with 1.7 TC

Aperture: f/4.8

Shutter speed: 1/8000s

ISO: ISO 900

Description: A lioness makes a leap of faith across the river after having eaten her fill of a buffalo kill

Story from behind the lens: The pride had made a kill of a cape buffalo and had feasted on it from the previous day. The following morning when i reached the kill site, they were below the bank of the river and photographically not an ideal spot. I asked our guide Duncan to take us down to cross the river in the anticipation that they would come down to drink water and i could perhaps get lucky with a few of them drinking water and getting their reflections in the water. I was proved right when this lioness came down to drink water but she faced away from us when she drank and i was disappointed. She then started to walk towards us and then all of a sudden made a jump across a large strip of water and i was able to catch the entire sequence of her Leap of Faith! I was extremely lucky with the sun behind us as well!!