Vishnu Shah

Camera: Nikon z6

Lens: 200-500mm

Aperture: 5.6

Shutter speed: 1000

ISO: 400

Description: On the main deck in the camp of Rekero, I kept my camera setup and ready with a fast shutter speed. Despite having a 200–500mm lens, the image turned out a bit small, but it turned out good overall.

Story from behind the lens: After eating our lunch, we decided to relax and take it easy for a while before heading on an afternoon game drive. Since the weather was excellent and the flowing river that passed by camp made for a beautiful view, I decided it would be nice to rest in the main tent. As I was relaxing, lions emerged from the bushes, and one of them crossed the river. Unfortunately, I hurried to grab my camera and was a little late, so I missed it as it crossed the river. After some time, we noticed it was near the riverbank and slowly making its way across the rocks to the opposite end of the river. Since certain areas were without rocks and only water, I knew I would have to jump to get to the other side, so I kept my camera ready to capture the moment. It leapt right away, and I was lucky to get the photo. Later, when I zoomed into the images I had taken of the entire process of it crossing the river, I saw that before the lion jumped and after it jumped, it was growling at a crocodile in the water! After seeing the image of it jumping as I zoom in, you can see the crocodile trying to bite the lion.