Linda Clews

Camera: Sony A7R v

Lens: Sony 400mm 2.8

Aperture: F2.8

Shutter speed: 1/640

ISO: 4000

Description: A pangolin in the wild! I never dreamt that I would ever see such a critically endangered animal in the vast expanse of the Maasai Mara.

Story from behind the lens: A call came on the radio and our guide Ken said “hold on”. Then we raced off and I had a feeling we were going to see something special. As we approached I couldn’t see anything…then there it was, a once in a lifetime sighting… a pangolin!!!! It was very relaxed, making its way through the long grass. Eventually it came out into the open. My heart was in my throat. The light was gone with the overcast drizzly skies and it was late in the day. I dialed in some settings and saw that my ISO was sky high but I took a chance, dropped my shutter speed and aperture and hoped for the best. The 25 minutes we spent watching it wandering in the grass were very special. I will never forget seeing one of the most endangered animals on the planet.