Harveet Singh

Camera: Nikon D7200

Lens: Nikkor 200 - 500mm

Aperture: f6

Shutter speed: 1/1250

ISO: 320

Description: Double Trouble

Story from behind the lens: We were out on early game drive, we came across a pride of Lions that were pretty hidden in the bush, we got rather impatient and left, just a 100m later we saw these 2 spotted cats walk towards the road, we awaited them and the next thing they were leading the way on the very same road, we followed them and watched them do all sort of things, pee, poo, climb a small dead tree, scout a Wildebeest carcass, they even sat and admired the beautiful savannah just as we do.

They continued walking and as we approached the T junction they crossed over and found this little bump that seemed to be there comfort zone, we spent another 30min with them and managed to capture this Double Trouble shot.