Thomas Nicholson

Camera: Canon R5

Lens: RF 400 mm f/2.8

Aperture: f/2.8

Shutter speed: 1/2500

ISO: 250

Description: A young circle cub walks off with a just captured baby warthog

Story from behind the lens: We followed a mother cheetah and her cub, and expecting them to hunt a fairly distant group of impala we had backed off quite a bit to give them the space they needed. At one point they hid themselves in a bush, and we noticed a family of warthogs passing nearby. Before we could even react, the warthogs quickly scattered, but one of the youngsters went the wrong way and was caught by the mother cheetah. She however let her cub take the still-alive animal so that it could practice its hunting and killing skills. As it walked off with the baby warthog, it passed close to our car, allowing us to see the contrast in responses between the hunter and the hunted.