Muniswararaja Palnaiappan

Camera: Sony Alpha A1

Lens: FE 400 F2.8 GM

Aperture: f 2.8

Shutter speed: 1/640s

ISO: 200

Description: A cub reacts to the expression of his father, the king. While love and care are being fed by lionesses, the king can shape him with practical life lessons, as expected it would be in a hard way !

Story from behind the lens: It was a beautiful golden hour at Masai Mara, the first rays of light hit the ground there were few interactions by the pride, I stopped by a 90deg angle and waited for a good scene, as this cub was super active and disturbing the male, he stood up and warned the cub to behave good. The cub was bit afraid yet made a good eye-contact and the instruction was well received. The golden light of the furry hair and exposure on the subject made this one of my favourite captures of the expedition.