Camera: NIKON Z6

Lens: 100-400mm TAMRON

Aperture: F11

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 3200

Description: A playful cub snuggles nose to nose with a young male lion, while the rest of the "Moniko" pride rests after an earlier hunt.

Story from behind the lens: During the afternoon game drive, we headed to find the ¨Moniko Pride". We combed the territory until we found them relaxing near a creek under a tree. The lead male was fast asleep belly up, while the lionesses lay down watching their cubs and youngsters play around them. It was fun to watch them jump on top of each other, bite their tails and chase one another. It caught my attention a lively cub that payed a visit to his older male sibling, as he cuddled almost on top of him biting his snout, while the patient brother gently hug him letting him play at ease. I couldn't stop laughing at the sweet scene.