Ben Joel

Camera: Sony a7iv

Lens: 100-400mm GM Sony

Aperture: 5.6

Shutter speed: 1/640

ISO: 3200

Description: A cheetah makes its away across the savannah as the sun begins its descent. Ducking and weaving between the acacia trees, the cheetah cranes its neck to search for a suitable place to rest.

Story from behind the lens: As the sun descended, a trio of cheetah brothers spotted an impala in the distance. Separated from its herd, the impala would be an easy meal if the cheetahs could manage to sneak up and surprise the unsuspecting prey. Intrigued by a potential feast, they began a slow creep towards the antelope with excruciating care not to draw attention to themselves. After halving the distance between themselves and their prey, an opportunistic hyena decided to join them, spoiling the hunt. Realizing that it was no longer practical to hunt the impala with the hyena ready to steal their food, the cheetahs settled for a dusk nap instead. They walked through the thickets of trees to find a place to rest.