Krishnakant Mathuria

Camera: Nikon D850

Lens: 400mm f 2.8

Aperture: 4.0

Shutter speed: 1/320

ISO: 1600

Description: Part of the famous Tano Bora coalition these two Cheetahs are play fighting in the late evening !!

Story from behind the lens: We came across the Tano Bora coalition one late evening, they were lazying around and my guide rightly anticipated they would wake up and move towards a termite mount close by for an inspection, as I wanted to capture frames with the backdrop we decided to stay far and positioned our vehicle at a distance with Tree and Savannah as background, after a while three of the four stood up and started walking towards the mount, and the fourth one started behind suddenly out of the three one walking towards the mount turned around facing the approaching male, and in a split second they started to play fighting and stood up tall in dry grass as if trying to establish a pecking order in a battle of supremacy in the coalition, I was able to capture the drama at the fag end of the day and couldn't have asked for anything more to end my day !!!